Featured Author:

KD L. Writes

KD is 13 years old. Ever since she could read and write she has been writing short stories.  From the young age of four to six she would sell or give these short stories to her grandma.

When she was seven, she started her first novel. She started to write Morgan's Summer when she was nine, but was also writing several other novels. She finished Morgan's Summer right before her eleventh Birthday on April 14.  She published Morgan's New School before her twelfth birthday.  This year she published her first young adult novel, Olympic Bound, before her thirteenth birthday!  

So, at the tender age of 12, she had three books published!

KD is homeschooled, is an avid golfer, wakeboarder, swimmer and rock climber. She loves to play her guitar.  Now, she is learning how to play the piano.  Her brother Darik, age 9, enjoys hearing her read the stories she writes.  Then he tells her what he thinks of them.

She is currently working on her forth and fifth book, a  mystery novel and the third book in her Morgan's Series.