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About the Book

Taylor loves the water and swimming.  With her father’s encouragement, she starts training for the summer Olympics with the dream of going for gold! Then, a tragedy occurs, involving a horrible loss, a large move, and such a change in lifestyle that causes Taylor to spiral into a deep depression.  Can she still fight for her dream and become an Olympic swimmer? Or, will her unbelievably bad luck get in the way?

About The Author

KD, pronounced “Kay-Dee,” was born in 2003.  She lives in the country near Bloomington, IN.  She is homeschooled by her grandmother, DD, who is a retired school teacher.  She has a younger brother.  She enjoys swimming, playing her guitar, wake-boarding, golf, and other activities. Writing, however, is her true passion. KD wrote her first book, Bad Lilly, when she was four.  Her first article was published in a youth magazine when she was eight.  Shortly afterwards, KD started writing her Morgan’s series. She finished the first book, Morgan’s Summer, before her eleventh birthday.  KD is currently working on many other novels.